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Business Visa

The significant investor visa allows overseas applicants who invest at least $5m in ‘complying investments’ in Australia for 4 years to obtain permanent residence. There is no requirement to meet the Business Innovation and Investment points test, and there are Age or English requirements.

Basic requirements:

  • Nomination by a state or territory government
  • Invitation to apply through SkillSelect
  • An investment of at least AUD 5 million in a complying investment.

A complying investment for the purposes of the Significant Investor Visa includes:

  • State/Territory government bonds; or
  • ASIC regulated managed funds making investments in Australian assets; or
  • Direct investment into unlisted Australian companies

Once the visa is lodged it will be thoroughly processed before you are requested to make the complying investment. Once the investment has been made, the visa may then be granted.

The permanent 888 Significant Investment Visa can be applied for once you have held the 188 provisional visa for 4 years. You must also have resided in Australia for at least 160 days during the 4 years of holding the 188 provisional visa.

Please discuss with one of our specialists which visa stream is most applicable to your individual circumstances.